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Dentures Procedure
Clinic and doctor visits,
dentures  in clinic, post-operative care, recovery, and follow-up

T-Visa Authorization Code
T-visa authorization code. (Note that there is a separate visa fee that the patient must pay when receiving the visa, which it is not part of this package).

Pick-up & Transfer
Airport pick-up, private transfer from hotel to clinic/hospital and vice versa

6 nights stay in a three-star to five-star hotel offered which is preferably near the clinic or hospital

Other Services
24-hour on-call assistance, interpreter, SIM card and internet

Note: The medicines and other aftercare items included in this package are the necessary items prescribed by the surgeon.
Also, the doctors and hotels and clinics which are included in the package are offered by Ariana Medicare Tour Services to the patient. There may be other doctors whom the patients are considered and the price might be different. Based on a new policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the citizens of the USA, UK, and Canada are included in different logistic services.


To show all the details you need to know about dentures in Iran, here we take a closer look at this issue and the method, t ype of dentures, the reasons for its preparation in this country its costs and related issues. We provide it to you .


Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile. If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, whether from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your health. That’s because dentures make it easier to eat and speak better than you could without teeth—things that people often take for granted.When you lose all of your teeth, facial muscles can sag, making you look older. Dentures can help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. They can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth so that your appearance does not change much. Dentures may even improve the look of your smile .

Types of dentures:

How is a denture procedure performed in Iran?

You will try your denture set and any required adjustments can be made afterwards. Depending on the condition of your jaw, you may choose a particular type of denture (full, partial, immediate, etc.). To get dentures in Iran, you have to stay in the country for a few days (10 to 14 days). If you get an artificial denture immediately, this procedure can be done in a few days. However, if you do not want to go with dentures immediately, you have to travel to this country twice: first to have your teeth extracted and second to have your dentures placed. Another option is to have your teeth extracted in your country and after recovery, receive artificial teeth in Iran .


Getting dentures in Iran will cost you much less than in many other countries. In Iran, prostheses cost about $ 700 to $ 1,000 per jaw. The service in the UK is over $ 1,500 and up. The same service costs about $ 1,800 to $ 3,800 in the United States .


Dental implants lead to fewer visits to the dentist because they're easier to maintain compared to dentures. With dental implants, you never have to worry about them falling out while speaking or laughing in social situations. Also, they feel more comfortable and look more natural than dentures.
However, the fact is that not everyone can afford implants and not all people can receive them as it does not suit weak jawbones.
Dentures are cheaper than implants. They feel as natural as implants when worn. Implants are more durable and can be maintained easily. As they are fixed in your jaw, you won’t need to take them off every time you want to clean them.
All in all, the decision of getting either dentures or dental implants depends on your budget, your jaw condition, and maybe your lifestyle
At Ariana Medicare Tour Services, our staff is happy to answer any of your questions and help you decide if dental implants or dentures are the right fit for you. We even offer same day appointments for your convenience. Contact us here!

how to Care for Your Dentures?

Like your teeth, your dentures should be brushed daily to remove food particles and plaque. Brushing also can help keep the teeth from staining. 


how long does it take to get used to false teeth?

As a general rule of thumb, dental professionals are likely to tell you that adjusting to new dentures takes about 30 days, on average. You might not be keen to wait this long, but you need to be careful how quickly you try to get back to normal.

can i get my teeth pulled and dentures in the same day?

With getting " immediate dentures", same day dentures are fit into the mouth immediately after a tooth extraction. They can therefore be a great confidence boost for people losing their natural teeth. Such dentures are used to immediately fill the gaps left by the removal or loss of one or multiple teeth.

can i sleep with dentures?

You can sleep with false teeth without any specific problem. However, it is recommended to take them off during the night in order to let your jaw relax.

are there any complications for dentures?  

Dentures are an excellent solution for missing teeth. They allow patients to smile, speak, and eat with full confidence once again! It’s crucial to have your dentures regularly examined by your dentist to keep your oral health in optimal condition. Otherwise, they can become ill-fitting and result in problems beyond poor aesthetics and inconvenience. If you’re a denture wearer, read along to learn seven complications that can arise from ill-fitting dentures. 


If your dentures do not fit your mouth properly, they can rub against the gum tissue in unnatural ways. The extra friction and pressure against your gums can lead to swelling and irritation. Unfortunately, swollen gums are to be injured or bleed when wearing dentures.


Along with gum irritation, you’ll probably also experience increased sensitivity and soreness. If you already have a jawbone disorder, such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint), it can worsen your condition since it can also cause gum irritation. Unless you seek treatment, your symptoms will progress and become quite painful.


Did you know that headaches are a common side effect of ill-fitting dentures? Most people may not realize the two problems are related, but your oral and bodily health are more connected than you think. Since ill-fitting dentures cause your jaw to hurt, it often makes your head hurt too.


It’s difficult to speak while your dentures are slipping and sliding around! People with ill-fitting dentures likely dread social situations because they’ve either developed a lisp or fear their dentures will fall out while talking.


Since your dentures rub unnaturally against certain parts of your mouth, blisters may develop. It happens when the body attempts to protect affected tissues. However, they cause significant discomfort and an increased risk of damage and infection. If you develop an infection, the blisters can grow and multiply and lead to other severe dental problems.


Like speaking, it’s also hard to eat with ill-fitting dentures. They make it difficult to enjoy food comfortably and maintain a well-balanced diet. Plus, food particles can become lodged between your gums and dentures, leading to gum disease and infection.


Here are two mouth infections associated with ill-fitting dentures:

  • Cheilosis – This infection causes pain, inflammation, and cracking at the corners of the mouth. It occurs when there’s an overgrowth of yeast that accumulates in moist areas of your mouth.
  • Stomatitis – This infection is also caused by too much yeast, although it often goes unnoticed. Watch out for symptoms like mouth redness and small red bumps on the roof of the mouth.


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