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Ariana terms and conditions in detail and in general

Ariana terms and conditions in detail and in general

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Ariana is a company that provides services in the field of medical tourism for those seeking treatment and tourism in Iran. Ariana provides its services to all people from all over the world. Ariana provides its services with the best quality and the cheapest price for everyone to benefit from, and in this regard we work with the most skilled doctors and the latest hospitals . Our effort is to get patients and tourists satisfied and return to their country with complete satisfaction. Site

Ariana medicare tour services

All of its properties such as (Ariana), (Ariana), (our services), (us) or (our site) are the property of Ariana Medical Tour Services and no organization has the right to use them .

We have clearly explained these terms and conditions so that our valued customers know how to use Ariana's services. Once you are on Ariana's website and have clicked and agreed to the rules, you can use our services and it is clear that you have accepted the rules with your knowledge and consent. If you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian or have a formal agreement to use Ariana Services.

All content and medical information, including medical texts or images and videos, is only to give you more information and get to know you about this disease, and does not imply treatment by Ariana. Therefore, you should always consult doctors directly about your illness and treatment. Know that the information on our pages does not replace direct treatment, so Ariana or its employees does not bear any responsibility for what happens to you due to the use of medical information, you are responsible for misusing this information and not going to your doctor on time.

It should be noted that the treatment methods or medical devices and products listed on Ariana’s pages are only for informing and informing patients and not definitive treatment methods because treatment methods differ from person to person and each person has a specific treatment or special medical product, and what is appropriate for him is determined by consultation and personal examination in presence by specialist doctor.

All programs and special offers from Ariana are according to the schedule, official dates and official holidays of Iran .

You also agree that all potential litigation between the Company and you in connection with the use of the Website will be conducted solely in Iran and only under the supervision of Iranian courts. The content, logos, names and trademarks used by Ariana are prohibited, and for their use, official permission from Ariana is required.

Patient rights
Ariana takes special care of patients' rights and keeps all patient details and medical records confidential.

Hospitals and clinics
Ariana is in contact with the most skilled Iranian doctors and the most advanced Iranian hospitals in Shiraz. All the doctors and specialists working with Ariana have specialized degrees from prominent universities in Iran and the world and have an impressive working history. It should be noted that the contents and prices listed on the site are constantly changed and updated, and these updates are based on scientific and economic developments in Iran.

Patient's personal information and how it is used
All documents, personal and medical information sent to us by the patient or the patient’s relatives through communication channels such as e-mail, WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram, indicate the cooperation and consent of the patient to be used by the company and its employees. The company and its employees can also use their phone numbers to communicate with the patient or his relatives. And they have no right to object. Ariana, the medical staff and the staff can disclose the contents of each other's medical files and discuss them to arrive at the correct diagnosis and correct treatment, and the patient has no right to protest.

Terms of Services
We all know that you have many options and there are many companies in the field of medical tourism services, but we believe that these rules are meant to inform you and provide you with better and more accurate services, so we are the most efficient among all. Our quality is not an accident but the result of years of experience. In fact, we bring you the most skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons based on your needs and type of treatment.

We offer you a wide range of doctors and hospitals so you can choose the best.

We will send your medical records to the treatment department staff so you can get a free consultation.

We handle all travel steps for you from booking tickets, booking hotels, booking a doctor's appointment, pick up at the airport, accommodation and translator. We provide you with a translator based on your language.

After the treatment, if you want to travel, we will provide you with the lowest price and the best facilities for tourist trips in Iran.

Treatment offers
The special offers that Ariana offers for one adult only and cannot be changed by the person with other special offers and the prices on the site are constantly changing without notice and the cash received is not exchangeable with other packages and offers. The prices paid to them after examining the medical file are valid for sixty days, but if the patient pays a deposit, this price remains the same for a period of six months. It is normal that after the patient is in Iran and after a face-to-face examination with the doctor, the prices may change, which the patient will be informed of. Before starting the treatment or surgery, the patient must pay all fees to Ariana.

Before traveling, the patient must send us all new tests such as urine test, blood test, sampling, endoscopy, scan, and if the patient wants to perform these tests in Iran and before treatment, he is responsible for all unexpected costs.

Health status and concealment of facts

The patient is responsible for providing Ariana with complete information about his or her previous treatments or illnesses or required medical documents, and if the patient is concealing something that affects the current treatment, cancels his treatment or causes further tests to be performed in Iran. The patient himself is responsible for these accidents and he must accept the cost and pay it before leaving Iran.

At the request of the traveler or patient, Ariana can apply for a visa to Iran in place of the patient. The cost of administration varies according to the country in which the patient resides, the patient is responsible for providing his personal and real information to the company correctly, and if he fails to do so or makes a mistake, the company does not bear any responsibility and all responsibility rests with the patient. All this personal information is provided to the bodies responsible for issuing visas, such as travel agencies or the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The electronic visa application is submitted by Ariana when the person makes the payment, and if the person cancels the trip for any reason, the amount paid for the issuance will not be returned visa to him.

travel ticket
If the patient obtains a ticket before the e-Visa is issued and his visa is not issued for any reason, Ariana is not responsible for such losses caused by the fault of the traveler.

We provide translators for all of you based on the language you speak, and the advantage of our translators is that they are at your service 24 hours a day and at the lowest price. However, the situation is different for travelers who have residency and passports from England, America and Canada, and translators are appointed by the Foreign Ministry for them, and the cost of these translators is also determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.

The transfer of the patient from the airport to the hotel and hospital is free of charge by Ariana, but the escorts who have not coordinated with the company or for non-medical trips must pay the transfer fee. Ariana is free to choose and change the vehicle for the patient. Also, if the patient has more than two bags, he is responsible for the additional cost.

phone card
The phone card given to the patient is a gift from Ariana company and the traveler can use it for free during the stay and must be returned to the company when leaving Iran. The size of the internet package is free for one time only.

The patient's stay takes place in a hotel or apartment that has already been agreed upon with the price and location, and if the patient or traveler tries to change the hotel, he will be responsible for the additional costs. The cost of any destruction or damage to the property of the room and hotel is the responsibility of the patient and his companions and the company does not bear any responsibility.

The time for check-in and room delivery upon arrival is 2:00 pm and the time to leave the rooms and check-out is 12:00. Obviously any patient or traveler wishing to stay in the room longer than the legal check-in and check-out time must pay the hotel surcharge and the company will not bear this cost.

Doctor's visit and medical advice
The company provides free medical, treatment and cosmetic consultations, and if the patient has a disease that requires further consultations, he must pay a fee in this area.

Nurse or medical attendant
If a patient needs a nurse and medical expert after discharge from the hospital, this will be done for them by Ariana. The patient will bear the cost. The cost will be calculated on the patient based on the nurse’s care hours, but we provide these services under special conditions such as gender, hotel decisions, place of residence, clinic or hospital for payment of a fee.

Change travel plans
If the patient does not complete the treatment plan at any stage of the treatment, the company is not responsible for the patient's health and all consequences of this are the responsibility of the patient. The deposit or fees paid for the treatment will not be returned.

Travel plans
If the patient does not complete the treatment plan at any stage of the treatment, the company is not responsible for the patient's health and all consequences of this fall on the patient. The deposit or fees paid for the treatment will not be returned.

The emergence of any allergy to medicines and food in the patient and the traveler is his responsibility, and the company does not bear any responsibility in the areas of seasonal, food and drug allergies in the traveler and the patient.

Accidents and accidents are not covered
Ariana is not responsible in cases of unexpected accidents such as theft, fire, state objections, internal disturbances, earthquakes, floods and any unexpected events, whether during the round trip, tourism or during the treatment of the patient.

In the end, Ariana Medical Tourism Services does its best to satisfy its patients and passengers and wishes you a happy journey.

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