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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Iran

In vitro fertilization (IVF) helps with fertilization, embryo development, and implantation, so you can get...

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In Vitro Maturation (IVM) in Iran

IVM is an experimental infertility treatment that is currently gaining attention as an alternative to traditional IVF

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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in Iran

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)  A type of artificial insemination is a procedure for treating infertility Sperm . ..

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Ovulation Induction (OI) in Iran

Ovulation Induction is a simple process to encourage your eggs to release, so you maximise your chance of conception. It’s suitable for women who are producing low levels...

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) in Iran

For around half of couples who are having problems conceiving, the cause of infertility is sperm-related. ICSI is the most common and successful treatment for male infertility. ..

Surrogacy in Iran

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman (the surrogate) agrees to carry and give birth to a child on behalf of another person or couple (the intended parent/s).

Reproductive Surgery in Iran

Reproductive surgery involves surgery in the field of reproductive medicine. Reproductive surgeons consist of gynecologists and urologists who specialize in reproductive...

Fertility treatment in Iran: THE FACT you need to know

Having a baby is a sweet feeling that many couples around the world wish to experience. However, some couples do not find it easy to have children due to some physical and genetic problems that one or both of them may have.

In the past, Iranian couples suffering from infertility problems had to travel abroad for treatment, but today Iran has become a hot destination for infertile men and women from other countries. The reasonable costs of fertility methods in Iran compared to the exorbitant prices in some other countries, as well as the high quality of these services in the country, are the main reasons for the popularity of fertility treatments in Iran .
Iran currently has more than 70 specialized fertility centers that provide a variety of services to couples who cannot have children alone - including infertility diagnosis, genetic counseling and various treatments such as IVF. With its significant progress in the field of IVF since the birth of the country's first baby in 1988, Iran uses this technology to attract couples from all over the Middle East and even countries such as Australia and Indonesia.

Why Fertility Services and Infertility Treatments in Iran?

Iran is a great destination for medical tourism and especially fertility problems. On the other hand, Iranian infertile couples have been forced to travel abroad to receive the most effective medical services for childbearing experience in recent decades. Thanks to advances in infertility in Iran, many patients from all over the world travel to Iran for beneficial treatments . Top infertility centers and specialized clinics with experienced staff and providing quality services and the most appropriate price for medical procedures along with low-cost travel to Iran, is the distinguishing feature of Iran as a leading country in providing infertility treatment services. .

The cost of fertility treatment in Iran

Iran offers the cheapest fertility treatments in the Middle East. For example, an IVF cycle costs $ 3,500, which is much less than in many countries. Given that many infertility treatments require couples to stay in the country for several weeks, the cost of accommodation and other expenses incurred during their stay become very important .

Since Iran is a cheap country for travelers, with very reasonable accommodation costs, applicants for fertility treatment will not have much money for their treatment in Iran. Contact us to get the free price of fertility treatments in Iran.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fertility Treatment

What questions should I ask about fertility?

6 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves About Their Fertility, Right Now

  • Do I want kids, and how many?
  • Should I freeze my eggs?
  • What can I do to protect my fertility right now?
  • Do I need medical testing?
  • Should I take prenatal vitamins? 
  • What about my birth control?

What are the four main types of fertility treatment?

This overview of the most common fertility treatments available, including IUI and IVF, will help you understand your options and decide on next steps.

  • Artificial insemination (AI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Natural cycle IVF.
  • Donor eggs.
  • Surrogacy.
  • Egg freezing.
  • Fertility drugs

If you have had difficulty conceiving for 12 months during pregnancy, you should see a specialist for a diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with any type of fertility disorder, you will have fertility options.

It is recommended to start with the simplest and least expensive treatments, ie medications. If fertility drugs are ineffective, other options should be considered, including hormone therapy, surgery, and finally assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF and IVM.

Choosing the best fertility treatment for you depends on many factors, and your doctor will decide or recommend it depending on several factors, including the cause of infertility, your age, medical test results, your preferences, and so on.

Can infertility be cured?

Depending on the cause of infertility, it can be cured through various fertility treatments, including therapies, medications, IUI or IVF procedures, and more. Yes, infertility can be cured depending on the cause. Various treatments can help a couple conceive and result in successful delivery.

what causes infertility in male and female?

Female Infertility Causes:

Ovulation disorders are the main causes of female infertility, for which ovulation induction treatments might help fix the problem. Other causes can be: blocked fallopian tubes which is caused by endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, problems with the uterus or cervix uterine fibroids.  

Male Infertility Causes:

Male infertility is typically caused by either problems with sperm production (no or too few sperms) or problems with the sperm’s ability to reach an egg and fertilize it. This conditions can be congenital or acquired later in life due to injury or illness, e.g. cystic fibrosis.

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