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All About Ariana Medicare Tour Services:

Ariana Medicare Tour Services is the fastest growing medical and tourism services provider in Iran. With its main goal is to give satisfactory to everyone.
A team of skilled, experienced , and well-known professionals, centres on medical tourism, tours and travel services for international patients worldwide .

Ariana Medicare Tour Services  is associated with the most advanced and prestigious hospitals, clinics, specialist and doctors in Iran. These hospitals and clinics are equipped with the highly- advanced infrastructures, modern facilities, well-trained supportive staff, and with international standards of hygiene and care for patients' comfort and satisfactory.

Our services are planned and scheduled in advance. We adhere strongly to the medical protocols and standards and use our international knowledge in the field of medical tourism in Iran to deliver cost-effective , timely, safe and quality services. This includes from the moment you apply for the treatment up to the last day of your healing and recovery period.

We value your expectations, so we promised to give you the best services for your medical travel in Iran. We examine your medical condition thoroughly and suggest a customized mix of hospitals, clinic, and top surgeons. All Ariana Tour Medicare Services  treatments costs are 40 to 100 percent affordable compared to other countries. 

Our services are proven by our many years of expertise, and knowledge in these areas:   

1. Patient's online services ( both quote and consultation)
2. Planning the top international standards and quality hospitals and clinics ( for all treatments and budgets)
3. Appointing treatments by highly skilled and trained doctors and surgeons (doctors and surgeons with more than 10 years of experience and with international degree)                                                                                                                                  4. Airport pick - up , pre- operative check up, 24-hour assistance, accommodation arrangements (for patients and their families )
5. Pre-hospitalization and Post- hospitalization top - quality healthcare services

Ariana Medicare Tour Services  is one of the best medical tourism agency that met the appropriate standards to be accredited by the related medical tourism authorities including Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education as well as Iran's Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts for offering medical services.