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Double chin, also known as subcutaneous fat, is mainly caused by excess fat and may appear in the early 20s and 30s and become more prominent and larger over time. Double chin removal surgery is the most effective way to get rid of excess neck fat. In addition to removing excess chin fat, this method can correct jaw lines and balance facial features.Most people think that obesity is the main cause of this disease, but this is not always the case. Because many patients still complain of double chain after losing a lot of weight. There are other factors that combine in the body to form a double chin. They include genetics, age, anatomy and airway position .

Why double chin surgery in Iran?

Deciding to seek treatment in another country, such as Iran, has several advantages. In fact, when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, people tend to travel more easily. That's why we are here to tell you what benefits it gives you .

Decent prices:
Due to the economic situation in Iran, everything in the country is cheaper than elsewhere. Therefore, it is useful for foreigners who travel to this country. For example, you can easily have your biceps surgery done at a private hospital and visit the country and its sights for less than half the cost of similar services in many other countries.

Unrivaled plastic surgeons:
There are many experienced plastic surgeons in Iran who perform cosmetic surgeries in the best equipped hospitals or clinics across the country. They have received training courses and fellowships from top medical universities and hospital colleges, and over the years have mastered the art of performing delicate cosmetic procedures, training and practicing in specific areas of specialization such as nose, neck, plastics. Eyes and so on.

Most medical or cosmetic procedures in Iran are performed in less than a month, while in your country you have to wait a long time.

An opportunity to explore a strange country

During your stay, you have a lot of time to visit the attractions of this country. There is an extensive list of places and things to do in this land. In addition, since the prices are attractive, you can taste a lot of Iranian food and go to some expensive activities that you could not do in your own country. Skiing, karting, horseback riding, swimming, massage therapy and spa are a few examples .

How commonly is surgery for a double chin performed?

Plastic surgeons perform more than 50,000 of these procedures in the Iran per year.

What happens before double chin removal surgery?

Before you have cosmetic surgery to remove a double chin, you’ll meet with a best plastic surgeon in Iran . You and the Iranian surgeon will discuss :

The surgeon will also :

B efore surgery, the plastic surgeon may ask you to:

What happens during double chin surgery ?

Most neck lifts and chin tucks take place in a surgeon’s office, surgical center or hospital. It can last 45 minutes to a few hours, depending on the type of procedure(s) being done.
The surgical team will

Sometimes, one of the above treatments can yield the desired results. In general, it is your surgeon who determines which method you need to go with. The aforementioned procedures are described below :

Chin Liposuction:
Through this method, the fat is broken down and removed with a small incision under the chin. Liposuction requires local anesthesia and does not leave scars with the help of soluble sutures. If necessary, the chin and neck area can be improved by sculpting and lifting.

After surgery:
About 1 to 3 days after chin liposuction surgery, the patient is ready to return home. Bruising and swelling may last for 10-14 days, after which full daily activity is allowed.

Neck Lift
This surgery varies according to its purpose: to remove excess skin or tighten neck muscles. Further, the two are combined for a longer result.

After surgery:
It may take 2 weeks for patients to return to their normal activities. But you should note that this depends on the patient's condition and the amount of surgery. Bruising and swelling may be present in the first week after surgery.

This is done with surgery to remove excess loose skin on the face and chin and gently lift the facial skin in an upward direction. It is usually done under general anesthesia, but can sometimes be done under local anesthesia.

After surgery
After 2 weeks, patients can return to daily activities. Even though there are swelling and bruising during the first 2 days, after day 10 they are mostly gone.


A non-invasive alternative to double chin surgery that works by freezing fat cells using a vacuum-like device. If you do not want to have surgery, this method can remove the fat that has accumulated under your chin. Patients have to wait up to 2 to 3 months to see the final results because cooling does not have immediate effects. It should also be noted that the results are not as effective as the surgical method and not everyone can benefit from this method. The cost of sculpture in Iran is between $ 100 and $ 150.


The cost of your surgery will vary depending on your individual procedure. You will have to pay between $ 700 and $ 1,500 to have a double chin lift with a face / neck lift. But if liposuction is performed in Iran or you only do double chin liposuction, it will cost from 600 to 900 dollars .

What happens after a double chin removal procedure in iran?

Most people who have cosmetic surgery on the chin and neck go home the same day. You should have someone drive you home and stay with you the first night.You may have a thin tube near one or more incisions to drain fluid and prevent swelling.Your surgical team will give you recovery instructions. 
They may ask you to

What are the risks of double chin removal?

Neck and chin plastic surgery is generally safe, but the procedures do come with certain risks:


M en and women of all ages can benefit from this surgery. But the best candidates are non-smokers who are generally healthy and without significant medical conditions.
Even if someone has a particular medical concern, consulting a doctor will help them know what is the best choice for them in such a situation.
It is important for patients to know what can or cannot be achieved in this way, and they must clearly state their expectations. The best results can be seen in a month or two, so patience and following your doctor's instructions is essential.

What is the recovery time after double chin surgery in iran?

After chin tuck or neck lift, you will have some discomfort, swelling and bruising. Your skin may tighten. These effects get better over time and last for about two weeks.
Incisions may take several months to heal completely. If you have drains near the incisions, the health care team will remove them a few days after the operation

When can I go back to work and other normal activities after double chain surgery in iran?

Most people can return to work and other daily activities within a week or two. Recovery after chin surgery is usually faster than a neck lift. Your surgery team will give you instructions based on surgery and recovery .

How can I arrange my chain fat removal in Iran?

With the help of our team at Ariana Medicare Tour Services, performing your double chin surgery in Iran will not be a time consuming and tedious process. You just have to send us your request using one of the communication methods provided on this page. We will provide you with all the information and services you may need for a hassle-free trip and treatmen t.


can diet and exercise remove double chin?

If your double chin appears due to weight gain, it may be reduced or eliminated through certain activities and diet. However, neither diet nor exercise can be as effective as surgery.

What causes a sudden double chin?

There are various medical conditions that may contribute to a double chin. Some of these include an underactive thyroid, Cushing's disease, kidney disorders, salivary gland inflammation and a sinus infection

how long does it take to see the results?

You can see the initial results immediately after the biceps surgery. The final results will show after the swelling and bruising disappear.

What surgery gets rid of chin fat?

Liposuction: This procedure removes fat from beneath the skin and sculpts the chin and neck contour. “We make a small incision under the skin, insert a tube and suck out the fat,” says Ishii. Liposuction typically requires only local anesthetic to numb the general area. 

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