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Calf reduction in Iran: the fact you need to know

An individual's calf size can have a big psychological impact on everyday life, from wardrobe choices to perceived appearance and self-confidence. Whereas some bodybuilders strive to build their lower leg muscles with various weightlifting techniques to increase calf muscle definition, other people seek thinner, sleeker, and more feminine-looking calves. As a result, there are a variety of invasive and non-invasive means of reducing calf size .

What is Calf Reduction?

Calf reduction is a popular cosmetic procedure performed either surgically or non-surgically to improve the shape and size of the calf muscles and enhance the aesthetics of the lower body. With its rapid results and minimal recovery time, it is ideal for those seeking safest way to thin, shapely calves that are in proportion to the body .

Ideal Candidates for Calf Reduction

The ideal candidates for calf reduction procedures include overall healthy individuals who desire more symmetrical or slimmer calves. Optimal calf muscle reduction patients who seek muscle resection surgery include people who are not happy with the contours of their lower legs, especially those with congenitally bulky or tubular legs, or those suffering from severe calf hypertrophy .

How to Prepare for calf reduction in iran :

The better prepared you are, the easier your method will be. The Iranian surgeons team in Shiraz gives you instructions on what to do during the days and hours before and after surgery. Prior to surgery, staying active, eating healthy and quitting smoking is highly recommended to ensure optimal recovery and gentle recovery. Always talk to your doctor about all the prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you are taking so he or she can tell you which one to stop .

Types of Calf Reduction:

Calf reduction in Iran, depending on your comfort and the surgeon's decision, is usually done with both surgical and non-surgical methods. Here are some common ways to reduce the size of large, protruding calves .

Calf Reduction Surgical Methods in iran:

Muscle Resection:

This procedure surgically removes part of the leg muscles and emphasizes the desired size of the lower part. This removal has different results in each case, but in almost all cases there are temporary complications such as inability to walk and some scarring .

Selective Nerve Blocking:

It can also be reduced by blocking selective nerves in the leg muscles. This is a minimally invasive surgery in which the nerves are cut or blocked to reduce the size of the leg. When the calf muscle receives fewer signals, its size automatically decreases .


This method is intended for people suffering from excess calf weight. It includes a very small incision in the calves to insert the vacuum device and suck out the fat to contour the knees and ankles. In cases where there is excess fat, additional procedures will be required .

Calf Reduction Non-Surgical Methods in iran:

Laser Liposuction:

This is the most effective way to safely tighten the ankle and leg. It is performed under mild sedation in which a laser device is used to break down fat and extract it. The results are visible in the first two weeks, which further improves the extra time .

Botox Injections:

Using Botox injections for calves will gradually reduce calf size without negatively affecting calf function. Just like Botox reduces wrinkles, it also reduces calf size. Supportive post-care is essential to see permanent results .


Radiofrequency calf reduction is a popular nerve contouring technique. Gradually reduces the calf size, making them slim, elegant, and prominent. This treatment is not recommended for people who are allergic to artificial rays or have very thin skin .

Cool Sculpting:

Cool Sculpting is a non-surgical calf contouring treatment that uses advanced technology devices to maintain the shape of the calf. It uses a special device to freeze the subcutaneous fat causing outsized calves and improving the appearance. However, the results are gradual, take time .

Before and Aftercare for Calf Reduction

Before selecting a procedure for calf reduction, it is vital that patients schedule several consultations with knowledgeable board-certified plastic surgeons to understand all the risks of each treatment. A qualified medical expert can help you determine if you are an ideal candidate for calf reduction surgery or a combination of treatments. After receiving calf reduction, patients are often instructed to wear elastic or compression stockings for several months .

Advantages and disadvantages of calf reduction methods

Calf reduction treatments can give patients a greater sense of happiness and self-esteem, especially for patients who have avoided wearing shorts, skirts, legs and high heels for the rest of their lives due to the size of their legs. Successful calf reduction methods can provide the leaner calves that some people have always craved .

However, some disadvantages of calf reduction treatments have also been reported including:

While treatment can be very successful with little effect on long-term mobile ability and calf circumference reductions of almost 3 inches for some patients, minor complications such as irregularity in the surface of the calf and localized hematoma may be observed. Other serious complications may include muscle edema and necrosis .

Side Effects of Calf Reduction Procedures

calf reduction procedures that remove muscle tissue include the potential risks :

While it is common to expect certain levels of discomfort after calf reduction surgery - especially while recovering from more invasive procedures - it is critical to reaching out to your provider if things go wrong. If you experience persistent side effects such as swelling, numbness, or extremely painful symptoms that do not show signs of improvement, contact your physician right away .

Am I a candidate for calf reduction surgery ?

Almost anyone who is unsatisfied with the size of their calves is a candidate for calf reduction. They must also be in good health, meaning no serious illness. When you come in for your initial consultation, your doctor will perform basic tests and ask about your medical history to ensure you're in prime shape for calf reduction .

Frequently Asked Questions About Calf Reduction

Is calf reduction permanent?

The results of a calf reduction by muscle resection procedure are permanent and immediately noticeable following the cosmetic surgery.

Is calf reduction safe?

When performed by a highly-trained and experienced plastic surgeon, calf reduction surgery is safe.

How do you get skinny calves?

A low-impact way to lose calf fat is by walking often. As you get older, going for walks is a worthwhile way to get moving without putting too much pressure on your body. A daily walk also keeps your calf muscles from becoming large and bulky.

Why my calves are so big?

Bigger-than-average calf muscles could be the result of genetics, indulging in too many salty foods, carrying excess body fat or doing the wrong kinds of exercises for your body type.

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