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Eyelid Surgery In Iran

Many people think of doing this to improve the appearance of their eyebrows. However, eyebrow lift is a costly procedure in almost all countries compared to other cosmetic surgeries.  Among all the countries that are developing in the field of beauty and medical tourism, Iran offers the highest quality services and affordable treatments. In addition, performing such cosmetic surgeries, especially eyebrow lifts, is highly recommended to Iranian specialists.They are well-known and most of them have graduated from prominent Iranian universities and then passed courses and board exam in plastic surgery in top clinics and medical institutions. It is important to note that most Iranian plastic surgeons are members of the American and European Plastic Surgery Associations or other specialties. They help you understand the whole process and determine the technique that best suits your needs. In this case, you can be sure that the results you want will be achieved. Also, if you decide to perform these surgeries in specialized clinics in Iran, you will be provided with the most up-to-date services at a low cost. Therefore, you can save a considerable amount of money on a trip to this beautiful country to make your appearance more beautiful .

Eyelid surgery in Iran: THE FACT you need to know

If you are considering Iran for your eyelid surgery, you are probably curious about what it includes, how it will be and many more. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery in Iran .

What is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

As you age, your eyelids become stretched and their supporting muscles begin to weaken. As a result, excess fat may accumulate above and below your eyelids, causing drooping eyebrows, drooping upper eyelids, and bags under the eyes that make them look puffy. Everyone can suffer from these problems. However, as they gradually get worse, they become a constant nuisance that lowers your self-esteem. You will suffer from fatigue, boredom or even anger until you find an effective solution. Blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery seems to be the most suitable option for you . The goal of this surgery is to remove facial fat and remove excess skin to make your eyes look more beautiful and younger. There are two main types of eyelid surgery, upper and lower. While upper blepharoplasty is used to remove drooping upper eyelids that affect expression or even normal vision, lower blepharoplasty is mainly used to remove bags under the eyes and the accumulation of fat under the eyes. Depending on the problems that patients are struggling with, these two methods can be done separately or in combination. Surgeons may also decide to perform them in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries such as eyebrow lifts or face lifts.

What eyelid surgery can treat?

You might consider blepharoplasty if droopy or sagging eyelids keep your eyes from opening completely or pull down your lower eyelids. Removing excess tissue from your upper eyelids can improve your vision. Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty can make your eyes appear younger and more alert.
Blepharoplasty may be an option if you have:

You may undergo blepharoplasty at the same time as another procedure, such as a brow lift, face-lift or skin resurfacing .

Is Iran a good place for eyelid surgery?

If you are one of those people who have been bombarded by the big media and have never sought the truth, traveling to Iran for surgery may be the first and best option for you.In terms of quality, Iran is equipped with modern and highly organized hospitals and clinics. The staff is educated, and many physicians have studied at top Western universities, or at least taken fellowship or specialist courses at those universities.
In the field of blepharoplasty, you can easily count on Iranian surgeons because this surgery is the fourth most frequent surgery in Iran. In addition, some Iranian physicians are known in the world for the great work they have done to promote this field.
In addition, since price is one of the determining factors that people pay attention to when performing surgery abroad, Iran is ideal in this regard. With low living costs and low salaries, the country offers the most competitive prices to patients without compromising the quality of medical care. Learn more about the exact costs in the "Cost of eyelid surgery in Iran" section.

What are the steps of an eyelid surgery procedure?

An eyelid surgery procedure includes the following steps :

Step 1 – Anesthesia
Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

Step 2 – The incision
The incision lines for eyelid surgery are designed so the resultant scars will be well concealed within the natural structures of the eyelid region.The upper eyelid can be corrected through an incision within the natural crease on the eyelid. This allows for removal or repositioning of fat deposits, tightening of muscles and removal of excess skin.

The condition of the lower eyelid may be corrected with an incision just below the lower lash line. Through this incision, the extra skin of the lower eyelid is removed. Again, excess fat can be repositioned or removed.

An incision made between the conjunctiva inside the lower eyelid is an alternative way to correct the condition of the lower eyelid and redistribute or remove excess fat. No skin is removed with this technique.

Step 3 – Closing the incisions
Eyelid incisions typically are closed with sutures or skin glue. Sutures are removed within one week.Your surgeon may also suggest use of a laser or chemical peel to reduce discoloration of the lower eyelids.

Step 4 – See the results
The results of eyelid surgery will appear gradually as swelling and bruising subside to reveal a smooth, better-defined eyelid and surrounding region, and a more alert and rejuvenated appearance.

Cost of eyelid surgery in Iran

Eyelid surgery in Iran is more affordable than anywhere else in the world. Depending on whether you want to correct both the upper and lower eyelids and the doctor of your choice, pay between $ 1,000 and $ 2,500 for an eyelid correction in Iran. However, this method costs around $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 or more in the United States. It costs between $ 2,500 and $ 6,500 in the UK .

Risks of eyelid after surgery

Possible risks of eyelid surgery include :

Talk to your doctor about how surgical risks apply to you. Understanding what's involved in blepharoplasty and weighing the benefits and risks can help you decide if this procedure is a good option .

Before and after Procedure

Before the procedure
Blepharoplasty is usually done in an outpatient setting. Your surgeon injects numbing medication into your eyelids and administers intravenous medication to help you relax.

During the procedure
If you have surgery on your upper and lower eyelids, the surgeon generally works on your upper lids first. He or she cuts along the fold of the eyelid, removes some excess skin, muscle and possibly fat, and closes the cut. On the lower lid, the surgeon makes a cut just below the lashes in your eye's natural crease or inside the lower lid. He or she removes or redistributes excess fat, muscle and sagging skin, and closes the cut. If your upper eyelid droops close to your pupil, your surgeon may do blepharoplasty with a procedure called ptosis (TOE-sis) that provides additional support to the eyebrow muscle.

After the procedure
After surgery you spend time in a recovery room, where you are monitored for complications.
You can leave later that day to recuperate at home. After surgery you may temporarily experience:

Your doctor will likely suggest you take the following steps after surgery :

Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the following :

Eyelid surgery recovery and after-care

You will recover within 10 to 14 days after eye lift surgery. During this period, you should expect to see swelling and bruising. Cold compresses can help with this condition.
You may experience pain and discomfort for a few days after surgery. Redness and dryness of the eyes are also normal. Surgeons may prescribe eye drops for help.

Avoid makeup or contact lenses for at least a week after surgery. Reduces the risk of infection and also helps reduce swelling. Incisions also heal within two weeks.

Eyelid surgery with laser

This procedure is called "laser blepharoplasty" or "laser eyelid surgery" when a surgeon makes incisions using a laser to access fat deposits above or below the eye. This method reduces the risk of scarring. However, the laser damages the tissues around the eye that remain intact in a normal eyelid lift. Patients with laser blepharoplasty experience less pain and bruising, although swelling increases. However, your surgeon must determine whether it is best to have laser or regular eyelid surgery .


In general, a good candidate is someone who: Has sagging skin causing folds or drooping in the upper or lower eyelid . Has puffiness in the upper eyelid due to excess fat deposits. Has bags under the eyes, or droopiness of the lower eyelids .

does eyelid surgery leave scars?

This cosmetic procedure helps improve the appearance of the eyes by reducing sagging and puffiness. But like any other surgery , blepharoplasty leaves scars .

Frequently Asked Questions About Blepharoplasty

How long do blepharoplasty scars take to heal?

While these scars heal to an almost unnoticeable form, the incisions can take up to a year to heal, although most cases are at their worst around six weeks. Eyelid position can be affected by the bruising and swelling that occurs, but this usually corrects itself within six weeks or so.

What does a blepharoplasty scar look like?

What do scars after upper eyelid surgery look like? Once the incisions have closed, your blepharoplasty scars will begin to fade from red to pink, ultimately ending up white or skin-colored. In most cases, upper eyelid surgery scars are virtually invisible. In fact, many patients are unable to identify their own scars!

What is the fastest way to recover from a blepharoplasty?
  1. Use an ice pack to reduce swelling. Before your surgery, make sure that you have comfortable ice packs and plenty of gauze on hand for your recovery. ... 
  2. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyelids. ... 
  3. Get more sleep. ... 
  4. Avoid physical exertion. ... 
  5. Steer clear of smoking and alcohol.
Does upper blepharoplasty change shape?

The primary purpose of the procedure is to reduce sagging and eyelid bags. Blepharoplasty surgery is used for improvements in everyday eyesight. However, most patients wonder if the procedure will also change their eye shape. In a word: yes.

Can blepharoplasty cause vision loss?

According to this, the overall incidence of visual loss following blepharoplasty was calculated at 0.0052% (five of 100,000 cases, or one in 20,000). Permanent visual loss was calculated at 0.0033% (three in 100,000, or one in 30,000) and temporary visual loss at 0.0019% (two in 100,000, or one in 50,000).

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