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If you are worried about strengthening your eyebrows, we are here to help you. At Aria Mod Tour, we connect people to top plastic surgeons in Iran. And if you think that the people of this country choose cheaply, you are definitely wrong! Iran is among the top ten destinations in plastic surgery in the world by providing the best quality health services .

Forehead contouring in Iran: THE FACT you need to know

While So many people may consider facial features as a beauty, they all agree that the forehead helps a lot on the face beauty. That's why most of the people who have the prominent forehead bone above the eyebrows, want to eliminate this deformity through forehead contouring surgery. However, as this surgery often causes fractures in many countries, people can hardly afford it. therefore, Iran has attracted the attention of many candidates with its cost-effective forehead contouring.
To further explain how to shrink the eyebrow bone here, this post contains all the details you need to know about forehead contouring in Iran.

What is Forehead Reduction (Contouring or Reshaping) Surgery?

Forehead reduction surgery (Forehead reshaping and contouring) is a craniofacial surgical procedure typically performed for aesthetic purposes and as a part of facial feminization surgery. The procedure requires the highly advanced surgical skill set of a cross-trained surgeon who is skilled in both general plastic surgery AND craniofacial surgery. A high level of skill is needed because the surgeon will not only be altering the soft tissues of the face (plastic surgery) but also the skeletal (bony) structure of the skull .

How Does Forehead Reduction or Contouring Enhance Your Appearance?

The forehead makes up almost 35-40% of the entire facial surface. It dominates and aesthetically affects all other facial features so if it is out of balance in some way it will affect your whole facial shape. For example, you may feel that your forehead and brow area are too broad or too prominent creating an ‘overhanging’ effect over the eyes. Your forehead may also be asymmetrical in shape, or appear too masculine or too feminine for your specific gender expression, or out of balance with your other facial features in some way. For trans and cisgender women, forehead reduction improves the facial profile by creating a more feminine and harmonious interplay of how the forehead aesthetically relates to other facial features. The procedure shapes the forehead–and also the delicate bones around the eye socket–to minimize the bony ridge of an overly-prominent forehead. Reduction and reshaping of the brow also work to “open up” the eyes, helping to transform and feminize the upper facial area.
For trans and cisgender men, the challenge may be that the forehead is not masculine enough in appearance. In such cases, depending on your existing facial features and the desired result, we may instead recommend forehead lengthening and augmentation

Are You An Ideal Candidate For Forehead Reduction?

Y ou are an ideal candidate for forehead reduction or reshaping if you are a relatively healthy adult who feels that your forehead and brow is in some way detracting from your appearance.

Our most common forehead reduction patients are trans women as a part of their facial feminization surgery or cisgender women who feel that their brow and forehead is too prominent or ‘masculine-looking.’ However, we may also perform forehead reshaping and contouring on trans or cisgender men who feel that their forehead is too ‘feminine’ or oddly-shaped in some way.

How Is Forehead Contouring Surgery Performed IN IRAN?

Forehead contouring can be done to fulfill the following:

The surgery lasts around 2-3 hours. It’s done under either local or general anesthesia. The method of performing the surgery varies based on the patient’s anatomy. Your surgeon will begin by accessing the forehead by making an incision right on, or right inside, the hairline–depending on if your hairline position also needs to be lowered (see: Feminizing Hairline Lowering AKA Scalp Advancement).
The exact procedure will vary slightly from patient to patient but most often the brow bone is osteotomized (the bone is cut to shorten or lengthen it or to change its alignment), and then reconstructed to reduce the size of the forehead. The orbital bones (around the eyes) are also shaped to modify brow shape.
The frontal bone (between the eyebrows) is then removed, shaped and contoured, and reattached in such a way that it does not interfere with the underlying sinus cavity structures.
Forehead contouring is often undertaken in conjunction with a brow lift or hairline lowering because of the location of the surgery and to ensure a harmonious and aesthetically-pleasing result

What Is The Price for Forehead Reduction Surgery in iran?

While cosmetic surgery is beyond the reach of most people, medical tourism allows for cost-effective surgery across borders. As mentioned before, Iran is one of the countries that offers quality procedures and reasonable prices.

The average cost of forehead contouring (reduction of eyebrow bone) in Iran is between 4000 to 5000 dollars. This price includes all relevant medical expenses, including anesthesia, doctor's visit, surgery and follow-up fee. Therefore, you can save 20% to 50% by traveling to this country for your forehead surgery

Different types of forehead contouring

  • Bone shaving

When the protrusion of the eyebrow is weakened, the surgeon may achieve the desired results by shaving (crushing) the bone. Some patients may benefit from this method, others may be advised to use another method

  • Bone reconstruction

In this procedure, the surgeon removes the bone and shapes it. The bone is then inserted and secured in place with small screws. Finally, the surgeon covers this surface with cement to create a smoother front surface on the patient's forehead. Cement also accelerates the healing process of bone. Most surgeons prefer to use bone cement, which is the patient's living bone, because it is durable, strong, and easily adjustable .

  • Forehead augmentation

Once there’s a depression on the patient’s forehead or the forehead is extremely flat, contouring can be achieved through forehead augmentation or implantation. In this type of surgery, different kinds of materials, like silicone sheet and Gore-Tex, are inserted/implanted on the frontal bone to contour the surface. As an alternative to forehead augmentation, fat injection can be used to give the patient a natural-looking full forehead. However, this method does not render permanent resu lts .

What can someone expect from the results of a forehead reduction procedure?

The results of a forehead reduction procedure are immediately noticeable and permanent enhancements to forehead shape and forehead size. The final results, however, will evolve over about 12 to 18 months as the body heals .

Frequently Asked Questions About Forehead Contouring

What are the side effects of forehead reduction surgery?
  • bleeding during and after surgery.
  • side effects of general anesthesia.
  • allergy to general or local anesthesia.
  • infection of the incision area.
  • nerve damage where the incision was made.
  • paresthesia at the surgical site.
  • hair loss where the hairline was cut.
Does forehead reduction surgery hurt?

In most cases, there is very little or no pain with forehead reduction surgery. Most patients report mild pain on the first night after surgery, but it is very rare for patients to experience significant pain. Patients are given painkillers to take if needed.

does forehead reduction surgery leave a scar?

For all forehead contouring methods except fat injection, there is a scar, but the scar is located along or behind the hairline. Therefore, it is hidden by hair. In addition, it disappears in the first year after surgery.

What age can you get a forehead reduction?

typically 20's - 30's but any age Over 16; in women over 40, it creates a more youthful appearance; balances facial symmetry, reduces large forehead, corrects high hairline.

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