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Gum lift in Iran

Living with a smile you don’t love is no fun. If you are uncomfortable showing those pearly whites because of gum tissue, gum contouring in Iran may be just the thing for you!

If your gums rest too low or too high on your teeth and you are unhappy with your smile, you may be a candidate for gum contouring surgery. Also called gum reshaping or tissue sculpting, this cosmetic dental procedure can even out an uneven gum line and give you a smile you can be proud of .

What Is Gum lift?

A g um Lifting, also called gingivectomy, Gum contouring or gum reshaping. This procedure is used to restore a person’s gumline to normal coverage of the tooth for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

Who would need a receding gum lift?

Anyone who has lost normal, proper gumline coverage of one or several teeth should consult with a dental professional about a receding gum lift. Receding gums can expose the root of a tooth, leading to damage and even possible loss. Receding gums are also commonly a symptom of periodontal disease and should be examined by a qualified dental health care provider to rule out other oral health concerns.Though the primary reason for getting a gum lift procedure is to protect and maintain the proper function of the teeth, a gum lift also provides cosmetic benefits. Receding gums can give a person a prematurely aged or older appearance .

What are the reason of gum lifting?

This may be recommended if the gums are obstructed or opposed to prevent further injury and allow access to the scaling teeth. Gum disease causes the gums to separate from the tooth at the base of the tooth, creating a cavity called an envelope. Over time, food particles and plaque and bacteria accumulate in this cavity and cause it. Because the toothbrush gets into the cavity and can not clean it, a gingival resection should be performed to prevent further damage and to treat the gums. Also, in cases where the dentist notices gum disease, he or she may perform a gingectomy to prevent it from spreading .

Why do I Need a Gum Lift?

Gum lift procedures aren’t as common as routine treatments like fillings, periodontal therapy, or dental extractions. But they provide a uniquely important aspect of care for situations involving:
Restorative Needs — Let’s say you have a worn or heavily restored tooth that needs a crown. In the traditional sense, you may not have enough “tooth” to work with. If you were to put a crown over the area that’s visible above the gums, limited support could lead to the crown failing altogether. Instead, we can reduce the height of the gums surrounding your tooth, exposing a large surface. We call this “crown lengthening” and it’s frequently incorporated into restorative procedures like full coverage crowns (to avoid unnecessary tooth extraction.)  

Gum Disease Therapy — Periodontal disease causes gum tissues to detach from the surfaces of tooth roots, creating deep “pockets” underneath the gingiva. The deeper the pocket, the more challenging it is to clean. And the deeper it gets, the more bone loss there is. To slow the disease process and prevent tooth loss, we can perform a pocket reduction surgery which is essentially the same thing as a gum lift or crown lengthening. This therapy shortens the depth of the pocket to allow for improved oral hygiene between professional cleanings.  

Cosmetic Treatment — Excessive gingiva can make teeth appear short or lopsided. In some cases, gum overgrowth is even caused by hormonal changes or certain medications. By reducing the amount of tissue density in that area, we can complement the overall look of your smile. That way teeth appear symmetrical and healthier.

Reasons for gingival lift?

Gum lifts are usually done to make your tooth surface more visible and to make your short teeth appear taller for cosmetic reasons. When your gums overgrow and cover a large portion of your teeth, your teeth will look shorter and smaller. Gum lift surgery removes excess gums so that the roots of the teeth are exposed and added to their length to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. Occasionally, a gingival lift can be performed to treat some gum disease if other treatments fail. Gum lift surgery then stops any future damage to the gums and reduces the effort required to clean the teeth .

How is a gum lift performed?

Gum lift is performed in a dental clinic. You will be placed under local anesthesia before surgery. Gum lift usually takes between half an hour and an hour .

The steps of the procedure include:

Gum Lifting before and after

after gum lifting in iran How Long Does Recovery Take?

Most gum contouring procedures require anywhere from one week to one to two months to fully heal. The extensiveness of the work largely determines the healing window. If a lot of gum tissue is grafted or removed, healing is likely to take multiple weeks or a month. If only a small amount of tissue is removed, healing is likely to take only a few days instead. In general, procedures carried out with a scalpel will have a longer recovery period than contouring that utilizes lasers since the cutting of tissue requires sutures (stitches). Gum lifts tend to take slightly less time for recovery than grafts, but it’s only a case of a few days of difference in most cases. Extensive grafts can take up to 8 weeks to completely heal. Taking care of your tissue during the first few weeks in particular is essential to avoiding pain, the risk of infection, and rejection issues .

Recovery Time

The longer you are able to rest after gum surgery the shorter your recovery time will be. It is important to be well hydrated prior to surgery and to limit physical activity. The area of your surgery will be numb so you will not feel anything during the procedure. Once the anesthetic starts to wear off after surgery, you may feel pain and discomfort. General healing time ranges from one week to ten days. Here, we will discuss a few steps you can take to speed your recovery time .

  1. Oral Hygiene: For a couple of weeks after your gum contouring, it is important to be as gentle as possible when brushing and flossing. Using an alcohol-free mouthwash can be beneficial but a simple salt water solution will feel nice and help clean the area. Rinsing with your saline rinse after meals is an ideal way to remove any lingering food particles and residue.
  2. Pain Management: You will experience some swelling and tenderness in the area. This is normal and if you are uncomfortable, an over the counter pain medication can be taken to help with the pain, avoiding any medications that include aspirin. You may notice slight scabbing in the area which is also normal and will fall off as the area heals.
  3. Foods: You absolutely need to avoid spicy and crunchy food items. These will aggravate the area and slow your recovery. Do not consume any foods with small seeds that can get under the gum and cause irritation such as strawberries, kiwis, poppyseeds and popcorn. Some foods that are good to have on hand during your recovery include things like soft pasta, yogurt, eggs, soft cooked vegetables and of course, ice cream! The cold will feel nice and who doesn’t love an excuse for ice cream!
  4. Physical Activity: The more you limit your activity and allow your body to rest and recuperate, the quicker you will heal! Take some time off if you are a runner or do any weight-lifting.

Is Gum Contouring Painful?

Surgical procedures inevitably come along with some amount of pain. As with many dental and oral procedures, the area being worked on is numb from a local anesthetic so no pain is felt during the procedure. After the procedure is completed and the anesthesia begins to wear off is when you will likely begin to experience pain and discomfort. While a scalpel can be used to reshape the gums, most doctors opt for a laser or electrocautery .


In recent years, laser gum surgery has become more widespread for treating moderate to severe gum disease.
Your dentist may recommend laser surgery as an additional step after having a traditional scaling and root planing treatment.
They may recommend laser gum surgery in lieu of non-laser surgeries, such as gum flap surgery. Laser gum surgery may also be used for other dental procedures. These include gum contouring to address a gummy smile for cosmetic reason
Laser gum lift is more expensive than conventional gum lift. However, laser gum lift recovery is faster, and the possible risks are less as the possibilities of infections are reduced . The difference in the prices between conventional and laser gum lift is narrowing constantly. It is possible that they will both cost almost the same in the near future.


While gum lifts/gum contouring surgery is a largely cosmetic procedure, they are still medical interventions. It is important to consider all aspects of such a procedure, to make sure it is right for your health and your smile .

Pros of Gum Contouring Surgery:

Cons of Gum Contouring Surgery:

What Happens During the Gum Lift Procedure?

A gum lift procedure or gum contouring surgery happens in a dentist’s office: you do not need to go to the hospital or stay overnight. Generally, the procedure requires only local anesthesia, but for more complex cases or for cases treating periodontal disease, general anesthesia may be necessary.

Typically, gum lifts take about 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on complexity. After discussing your case and your desired outcomes with you, the dentist will use either a laser, scalpel, or ceramic bur to cut away the gum tissue to be removed and reshape the gum line to your preferred specifications.
Each technique is effective, but many orthodontists prefer ceramic burs, which provide several advantages: less cost, less trauma to the mouth, and less time to complete the procedure. Depending on your specific case, a scalpel or laser may be more effective, so your doctor will decide on the best technique for your procedure.
If your dentist uses a scalpel, they will usually close the area with stitches (sutures), which will either dissolve or need to be removed in the weeks following the procedure. Newer technology has allowed for gum lifts to be performed with lasers or ceramic burs, more precise contouring tools which may not require stiches. Gum contouring by laser or bur is generally faster and less painful than with a scalpel, with a shorter recovery time.
A gum lift procedure can be performed during braces treatment: see the photos below for how gum recontouring can be performed as part of your orthodontic treatment. 

P atient before gum lifting during braces treatment

Patient immediately after gum lifting during braces treatme nt

Patient after Recovery from gum lift. Post-Brace s

Recovery After Gum Contouring Surgery: Is It Painful?

While you may experience mild pain or d iscomfort after the anesthesia wears off, gum lifts are not very painful, and the recovery is relatively simple. There are many ways to alleviate pain, including ice packs, mouth rinses, and over-the-counter pain medication.
You can go home directly after surgery (if you’ve received general anesthesia, someone will need to drive you or accompany you home). You’ll have to be gentle to your mouth during recovery: rinse with a salt-water solution or an alcohol-free mouthwash to keep the area clean.There may be swelling or mild inflammation, which can cause tenderness or pain. Cold beverages or cold soft foods like ice cream or smoothies can soothe the discomfort, as well as an ice pack against your cheeks. If pain persists, try an over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen or advil (avoid aspirin).
Avoid crunchy, sticky, or hard foods: you’ll need to eat soft foods like noodles, yogurt, soft cooked vegetables, or hard-boiled eggs, while your gums heal. It is especially important to avoid any foods with small seeds, like kiwis or poppyseed baked goods, because the small seeds can get under your gums and cause inflammation or infection.If you have sutures, you may need to go back to the dentist around 1 week after the procedure to have the stitches removed.
Once the gum lift procedure has healed and if you are pleased with the results, you’re done! Your gums will not grow back, so there’s no need to go back for touch-ups .


important to note that gum contouring is permanent, After your dentist removes the excess tissues they will not regrow

Is gum contouring harmful?

Gum contouring is a procedure that is considered one of the safest forms of surgery a person can have. There are some risks involving any surgery, but gum contouring has a very low risk of bleeding or infection.
But like other surgical procedures, it can have side effects. The potential risks of gum lift surgery include the following:


Lifting the gums and increasing the length of the crown are two similar methods that are sometimes used interchangeably. While both methods involve removing gum tissue from the roots of the teeth, the main difference is that a gum lift removes only the extra gum tissue that covers the teeth, while increasing the crown length involves removing part of the bone structure that It surrounds the teeth. Make them look more natura l


The cost of gingectomy surgery can vary greatly from country to country. In the United States, gingival lifts can cost from $ 250 to $ 600 per tooth. In Australia, it costs from $ 150 to $ 350 per tooth.

If you want to have a cheap chewing gum lift, there are other countries that offer lower prices. In Iran and Turkey, gum lift prices can be expected to start at $ 30 per tooth

Do I need a gum lift before the veneer?

If a patient has extra gum tissue, removing a bit of it might be necessary in order to create space for the veneers . Even in cases where there isn't necessarily extra tissue, but the gumline is uneven, gum recontouring can help to eliminate that little imperfection and create the perfect canvas for porcelain veneers .

Can I get a gum lift with braces?

Gum lifts can be done during Invisalign or braces treatment by a dentist, Because wearing dental braces can cause your gum to move, braces after gum lift can have a negative impact on the new shape and contour of your gum.
therefore some individuals may wait until treatment is over to decide whether gum lifts are right for them.

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