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Whether male or female, no one likes a sunken or weak jaw line. That is why people are looking for a way to strengthen and correct their jaws. However, when it comes to beauty, budget becomes a determining factor. This is where the popular phenomenon of medical tourism comes into play, where treatment stops in your home country. This is actually an opportunity for those who are looking for cheaper services. But some destinations are considered at their best because of the specific methods offered. It is one of the good examples of Iran, which has become a reliable destination for performing various cosmetic procedures, including jaw augmentation. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your jaw in Iran, in this article we will provide you with all the details you need to know about this treatment, its costs, how to do it in this country and many other things .


Jaw line augmentation, also known as jaw augmentation, helps to create a so-called weak jaw to look clearer and stronger.

The jaw line consists of 3 main parts:

  1. The front of the jaw is called the chin.
  2. The back of the jaw is called the ramus or angle of the jaw
  3. The middle of the body is called the jaw, which supports the teeth

There are two main types of jaw enhancement treatment: surgical and non-surgical, which we will discuss below.
In the case of parts of the jaw, the person may be deficient in one or more parts of that area. Therefore, in deciding to perform jaw augmentation, all these factors must be considered in order to be in harmony with each othe


Jawline Enhancement is a fantastic way to bring strength and character to the jaw, where this may appear naturally weak.
In addition, the shape of the jaw tells us about people's personalities. For example, a person's strong chin and jaw may be a sign of his strong personality.
Some people have inherited a sunken chin. Some of them have problems due to improper alignment of the teeth, which is sometimes corrected with braces or orthognathic surgery.
Aging reduces our jawline due to sagging skin and fat accumulation.

Jaw enhancement treatment is a great option for people who have beauty concerns and seek to improve their appearance by overcoming the weak lines of their jaw.


The cost of your jaw surgery depends on how you do it. The cost of jaw augmentation surgery or jaw implantation in Iran is about $ 3,500. But jaw augmentation with dermal fillers costs about $ 500 to $ 1,000 ($ 200 per cc). In many countries, such as the United States, the cost of jaw augmentation surgery starts at $ 8,000 and goes up to $ 15,000 or more .

Procedure for jawline surgery in iran?

Are there any risks or side effects?

As with most facial surgeries, jawline surgery comes with certain risks and side effects, including:

What to expect after jawline surgery in iran

It’s normal to have facial swelling after surgery, and depending on the scope of your surgery, you will likely stay in the hospital for a few days.Your surgeon will provide instructions about what’s safe to eat and drink, what type of painkillers you can take, how to sleep without disrupting the jaw, and when you can return to work or school.You should not smoke or do strenuous activity or exercise after the procedure. Once the swelling is gone, you will see results immediately and they are permanent, though you may still need braces to align your teeth with your new jaw shape.

Preparing for jawline surgery in iran

Depending on the type of jawline surgery, you may have braces placed on your teeth 12 to 18 months prior to align your teeth before surgery. More immediately before jawline surgery, you will want to prepare for your hospital stay, which may be as long as 2 to 4 days. Make sure you pack a bag with things to keep you entertained, and if your surgery does not require an overnight stay, arrange for someone to pick you up. Your doctor will likely ask you to stop smoking before your surgery, or to avoid certain medications. If you’re having facial feminization surgery, you may also be asked to go off hormones in the weeks before and after your procedure .


Jaw augmentation in Iran with various surgical and non-surgical methods is performed by trained and experienced plastic surgeons.
As mentioned earlier, there are two surgical and non-surgical methods for enlarging the jaw. We will now examine each of these methods separately.

Jaw line augmentation surgery in iran?

This surgery, also known as a jaw implant, is ideal for men and women with small jaws and gives them a strong, angled jaw line. Jaw implants are also called angular implants because they increase the angle of the jaw. These implants are designed for different shapes of the jaw line. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes incisions inside the mouth. The implant is then inserted through incisions, inside the mouth, just in front of the jawbone behind the main muscle, and secured in place with titanium screws After the implants are placed, the incisions are closed in a layer to prevent fluid from entering the mouth into the wound. This procedure usually takes 1 to 2 hours.
Sometimes chin augmentation is performed at the same time as jaw augmentation surgery. Chin implants are made through small incisions made inside the lower lip. People who have small and weak chins can benefit from this surgery along with enlarging the jaw. These give them more balanced facial features and appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of jaw augmentation surgery:

The advantage of this surgery is that there is no external scar because all the incisions are made from inside the mouth. In addition, implants can be more coordinated because they can be shaped according to the patient's jaw line Afterenhancing your jawline, you will experience a limited ability to smile, talk, and open your mouth, and you may feel uncomfortable for a limited time. It also takes weeks or months to see the final results.

What type of jaw implants are used in Iran?

Madapore and silicone implants are the two main types of jaw line implants. Body tissues can be converted to modapore implants and have the advantage of being more stable than silicone implants.
In Iran, Madapour and silicone implants are used based on your conditions and preferences. Also, trainer implants approved by the Food and Drug Administration are very popular in the country because they have more satisfactory results

Procedure for jaw implants?

Getting a jaw implant is typically an outpatient procedure that takes as little as one hour. There are a few different types of implants, depending on how much natural bone you have. A typical procedure is as follows:

Risks or side effects of Jaw Implants?

All cosmetic surgery carries at least some risk. Risks of getting jaw implants include :

Nerve damage specifically can include numbness of the lower lip and damage to the nerve that controls the muscles around the mouth. This can cause an asymmetric smile, drooling, or a lisp. These complications are usually temporary and improve over several weeks to month s.

What to expect after jaw implants

Jaw implant surgery is a relatively quick procedure, but you will need to plan for your recovery. You will see results immediately, though the surgical area will be swollen and potentially bruised for at least a week. You can manage swelling with painkillers recommended by your doctor, and with the use of cold compresses. Implants made of materials like silicone or titanium Trusted Source are permanent, though there is a small potential for them to shift or get infected. You should plan to avoid smoking and alcohol for at least a few weeks after surgery. Plan to sleep with your head elevated, and avoid sleeping face down. You will likely need to return about a week later to get your stitches removed and so the doctor can see how you are healing.

Preparing for jaw implants before surgery in iran.

There are steps you can take before your jaw implant procedure to make sure it goes as seamlessly as possible. Here are some things you can do to prepare:

Frequently Asked Questions About jawline surgery

How can I get my jawline surgery more defined?

Surgical Options for Jawline Enhancement

  1. Facelift or Neck Lift- A facelift or neck lift tightens the delicate tissues of the lower face and neck. 
  2. Chin Augmentation- Patients with a naturally weak jawline can create definition through chin augmentation.
  3. Neck Liposuction- Neck liposuction can remove a double chin.
Are jawline implants safe?

Safety. The procedure is generally safe but all cosmetic surgery carries some risk. Side effects can include allergic reaction to the implant, bleeding, scarring, and more

Is jawline filler temporary?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most temporary option, usually lasting 6–12 months. Therefore, doctors may recommend these options for people trying filler for the first time. Another short-term option is calcium hydroxylapatite, a temporary dermal filler lasting around 12 months.

Can jaw filler be removed?

It cannot, sadly, be used on semi-permanent fillers such as collagen fillers – these will usually disappear with time, but if you're not prepared to wait, the fillers may need to be excised. Permanent fillers will always need to be surgically removed.

Is a neck lift worth it?

There are, however, three categories of filler: permanent, semi-permanent, and non-permanent. The one you choose affects your outcome. Permanent fillers are made of silicone.

what should i do after injection session?

You need to follow the below instructions after getting any facial fillers including jaw and chin fillers:

No makeup for at least 4 hours after the injection 

No heavy and strenuous exercise and activity 

Not doing workouts such as yoga                    

are jaw implants painful?

Since there is numbing when the procedure is performed, you won’t need to tolerate any pain. However, after it is finished, you may feel mild to moderate pain and soreness for a few days.

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