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Thigh lift in Iran: the fact you need to know

A thigh lift, known as a ​thighplasty, is a body contouring surgery that aims to remove sagging skin, tighten the skin, and improve the appearance of the thighs. Thigh lift surgery is often performed by people who have lost a lot of weight and are left with extra loose skin on their thighs.

Thigh surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and abdomen. The result of thigh lift surgery is narrower thighs with finer contours that become apparent almost immediately after surgery, although full results take some time to appear due to postoperative swelling

What thigh lift surgery can't do

Thigh lifts are not intended strictly for the removal of excess fat. Liposuction alone can remove excess fat deposits where skin has good elasticity and is able to naturally conform to new body contours.In cases where skin elasticity is poor, a thigh lift along with liposuction may be recommended .

Thigh Lift Procedure IN IRAN

There are different types of thigh lift procedures. The commonest thigh lift procedure is the inner thigh lift (also known as the medial thigh lift). This procedure is often preferred because it removes excess skin and fat from the inner thighs using scars placed either in the groin crease or along the inner thighs where they will be less visible when the patient stands with his or her feet together. The more excess skin you have, the longer the surgical scar has to be. The outer thighs can be slimmed down during the same procedure using liposuction.
The outer thighs may also be addressed in conjunction with other body contouring procedures such as the Tummy-Tuck (Abdominoplasty) & Lower Body Lift .

Thighs before surgery

An incision in the upper inner thigh area is suitable for limited skin and fat excess at the upper thigh .

Thighs after surgery

Incisions are required at the groin and along the full length of the inner thigh `if there is substantial skin and fat excess along the whole thigh .

Types of Thigh Lift

There are two types of thigh lifts.
Based on your goals, your plastic surgeon will suggest either a

Before Your Thigh Lift

Your plastic surgeon will do a complete exam of your thighs, including any range-of-motion issues. They'll also ask you about any prior thigh injuries or surgeries.
Your surgeon will assess your overall health and look for any signs that could cause complications, such as

You and your plastic surgeon will also talk about :

To help get ready for your thigh lift, your surgeon will talk to you about :

What are the risks of thigh lift surgery?

The decision to have plastic surgery is extremely personal, and you'll have to decide if the benefits will achieve your goals and if the risks and potential complications of thigh lift surgery are acceptable.Your plastic surgeon and/or staff will explain in detail the risks associated with surgery. You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks and potential complications.

Possible thigh lift surgery risks include

These risks and others will be fully discussed prior to your consent. It's important that you address all your questions directly with your plastic surgeon .

After the Thigh Lift Surgery IN IRAN

Your incisions will be dressed and your thighs will be wrapped in elastic bandages to minimize swelling and bruising. Small tubes (drains) may be placed to remove the excess blood and fluid for several days. A tight compression garment will usually be fitted afterwards to keep the swelling down. This will need to be worn continuously for several weeks until your surgeon advises otherwise. It will usually take at least 4 to 6 weeks before you can perform physical activities such as jogging.As long as your weight does not fluctuate, the results of your thigh lift should last for many years. Even though your skin continues to age over time, the subsequent thigh flabbiness is usually far less significant than what it was before your surgery .

Who is a good candidate for thigh lift surgery?

In general, candidates for a thigh lift are :

What is the cost of thigh lift in Iran?

The cost of a thigh lift can vary greatly depending on the scope of the procedure, the reputation of the doctor, the city or country where the surgery is performed, and the clinic or hospital.

In total, the price of a standard thigh lift surgery in Iran is between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000, which includes all related costs (tests, anesthesia, medications, and clinic costs). Thigh lift surgery ranges from $ 6,000 to $ 12,000 in the United States and $ 17,000 in Australia

Recovery After Thigh Lift

In most cases, yo u:

What Results Can Expect After My Thigh Lift ?

After your thigh lift, you can expect :

Frequently Asked Questions About ​thigh lifts

How long do thigh lifts last?

While some changes will be immediately apparent, most patients see a noticeable improvement in six weeks. The results of a thigh lift can continue to improve for up to 12 months after surgery.

How do you sleep after a thigh lift?

For the first 72 hours, sleep with pillows under your legs to keep them in an elevated position. Full leg extension may be impossible for the first week. You may begin walking when you are comfortable. Don't overdo it, use your discomfort as a guide.

does a thigh lift leave scars?

Yes, the Thigh Lift will result in a scar, running laterally from the groin to the inner knee. While the scars are permanent, they will fade over time.

Do thigh lift scars go away?
The results of an inner thigh lift are visible immediately after surgery and will continue to improve as swelling subsides and scars fade. The inner thigh shape will evolve over a three month period especially in the cases of significant skin and fat removal.
How painful is thigh lift?

In the first week, patients commonly experience pain in the thigh area as well as swelling and bruising around the incision sites. Pain can generally be managed with oral pain medication.        

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